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When you have to be away from home, finding a doggy daycare in Brandon is the optimal way to ensure your beloved pet is safe and cared for. Doggy daycare offers comfortable amenities for canines where they can play, have supervision, and maintain their regular feeding and exercise schedules. While choosing a daycare for your dog is a good decision for a pet owner who has to leave home, not every pet-boarding facility offers the same level of care. Below is a look at how to find the best place to care for your four-legged best friend.

1. Take a Tour of the Doggy Daycare in Brandon if Possible

There’s no better way to get a feel for a doggy daycare than to visit the place in person. Most upstanding places will gladly give you a quick tour so you can see the layout of the daycare, where dogs spend their time, and how clean the facility actually is. During the tour, consider:

  • Does the facility appear organized and clean?
  • Does the facility seem to be at a comfortable temperature?
  • Are there enough staff members on-site to take care of the dogs?
  • Do you experience any intense odors?
  • Are there obvious hazards, such as broken toys or unattended dogs?
  • Are the outdoor play areas shaded?

2. Ask About the Ratio of Staff to Dogs

The general national recommendation is no more than 15 dogs per staff member, but the preferred ratio is 10 dogs to one staff member. Ask any facility about the ratio of staff members to dogs that are generally on-site at any given time. Keep in mind that some states have mandated requirements that mulct be followed.

3. Does Doggy Daycare in Brandon Have Good Security?

Good security means the daycare has secure play areas indoors and out. For example, you should see a sturdy fence of the proper height around any outdoor play area because dogs are prone to wandering and putting themselves in danger. You should also see secure sleeping quarters and play areas separate from the resting quarters where dogs go when they are not socializing.

Good security may also mean on-site surveillance cameras and enough staff on-site to properly monitor the dogs at all times. Also, there should be separate areas for dogs of different sizes. In general, it is best for small dogs to be grouped with dogs of the same stature, and the same goes for larger breeds.

4. Do Dogs Undergo a Temperament Test?

One of the most important things to find out when considering a doggy daycare according to the AKC is if the facility does a temperament test. A temperament test is a basic assessment of a canine’s personality and behavior. This evaluation lets the staff members know how the dog is likely to interact with other dogs and humans.

The reason it is important to ask about a temperament test is you don’t want your dog getting into an altercation with another animal while it is in daycare. If the facility does a temperament test on all incoming dogs, this means they are also likely to take steps to keep more aggressive animals out of the social situations or carefully monitor them during their stay.

5. Ask About Vaccination Requirements

Vaccination requirements are pretty standard for the best doggy daycares. The last thing you want is to leave your dog at risk of being exposed to canine-prevalent illnesses or diseases like distemper or parvovirus when you are just trying to make sure your pet is cared for. Most places, including Brandon Puppy Palace, do require proof of vaccination before owners leave their pets for a stay.

6. What Kinds of Play and Activities are Offered?

When you leave your dog at a boarding facility, you want them to have a good time. Some of the most minimal pet boarding facilities have only sleeping quarters for the dogs and an enclosed outdoor yard. However, higher-end doggy daycares usually have an extensive list of play and activity opportunities to keep dogs entertained, such as:

  • Indoor play areas with toys, tubes, and places to climb
  • Outdoor play areas with fixtures for climbing, jumping, or simply enjoying the shade
  • Splash or wading pools for dogs to play in during warm weather

7. Does the Doggy Daycare Offer Valuable Extras?

The best daycare doggy daycare in Brandon will offer extras that can be especially valuable to doting dog owners. For example, at Brandon Puppy Palace, you can get special add-ons like a dog suite, which offers an elevated bed and a TV, a lot like your dog probably enjoys at home. The suites are also outfitted with a webcam so you can check in on your playful pup whenever you want to. And, we also offer add-ons like night walks, pampering time, grooming sessions, and more.

Interested in Doggy Daycare in Brandon?

At Brandon Puppy Palace, we strive to make sure every pet that stays with us feels right at home. From security to entertainment, we cover all the bases so you can rest easy while your pup is in our hands. Reach out to our team to find out more about our doggy daycare services or take a virtual tour of our facilities.