What do I have to do to enroll my dog?

Your dog must meet all of our vaccination and temperament requirements. We will start creating your file with the receipt of your vaccination records. You will be required to sign an authorization and release form for your dog as well as see our facility and understand how we take care of your dog.

What are the pick-up and drop-off times for boarding?

All pick up and drop off is as follows

  • 6:30am -7:00pm Monday through Friday
  • 8:am - 4pm Saturday
  • CLosed Sunday
  • No variations
What do I need to bring for proof of vaccinations?

You need to provide written proof from a licensed veterinarian that your dog’s Rabies, Distemper, and Bordetella vaccinations are current. We also strongly suggest that you have your dog on a flea prevention and heartworm prevention program.

How do you bill?

For most stays, you will pay when you pick up your dog. For extended stays, you will be required to pre-pay.

What do you do with a dog that isn’t getting along with the other dogs?

Dogs that are not getting along with other dogs are given a chance to rest alone until such time as he or she is ready to be introduced back into the playgroup under careful supervision.