Doggy Daycare Pricing

Many dogs spend their days unstimulated and alone. As a result, your dog may be a seemingly endless ball of energy when you get home from work, errands, or whatever else keeps you busy. They’ve spent all day waiting on you, and you still have other tasks to get done: helping kids with schoolwork, making meals, or even simply trying to relax after a long day.

Get Help with Doggy Daycare

Doggy daycare is the answer! Drop your dog off at Brandon Puppy Palace and let them spend the day in our secure play yards, swimming in our salt water pool (as weather permits) or our indoor play area, monitored by our well trained staff as they socialize and exercise with other dogs. Our staff members are certified in Canine CPR and trained to identify body language and behavior to avoid incidents between dogs.

When your dog comes to us for doggy daycare, they will be integrated into the supervised play group that best suits them. This is done carefully and at a pace within each dog’s comfort level. Groups are decided based on factors such as size and temperament.

All doggie day care participants must be spayed or neutered for group play and temperaments must be regarded as non-aggressive as well as not food or toy protective. They must also be current on all required vaccinations. There is no appointment needed to attend our day care!

Benefits of Doggy Daycare

There are many reasons to take your dog to doggy daycare! For many pet owners, daycare service offers peace of mind, while dogs themselves get an enjoyable playtime. Below are the benefits to consider as you decide whether daycare is right for your pooch.

Get help socializing your dog.

Even though they’re naturally social animals, dogs still need to learn how to act around and interact with other dogs. Give your dog the chance to interact with other dogs in doggy daycare, especially if you only have one at home.

Help your dog burn energy.

See an immediate difference when your dog comes home from doggy daycare with a day of play versus having a wild dog greet you at the door having been cooped up at home alone all day. 

Give your dog company.

Much like people, dogs can also get lonely, especially if left home without additional stimulation. With doggy daycare, your pet can have companions while you’re away so they won’t feel as lonely!

Give yourself peace of mind.

If you worry about your dog being alone while you’re gone during the day, you are not alone. However, with professional doggy daycare, you can go about your day with the security of knowing your dog is safe with a team of professionals to watch them.

Get help with your dog’s health.

When you leave your dog at home , they may spend a lot of time simply laying around. But at doggy daycare, your pet can get the exercise and stimulation they need, a healthier situation for your furry friend!

Get help with separation anxiety.

Like dealing with loneliness, many dogs may also suffer from anxiety when their owners leave. This separation can be a terrible experience for some dogs, but is also an unnecessary one. Send your dog to daycare, and ease them into a day away.

Give your dog a routine.

Without you at home, your dog may feel as if it lacks routine. But with professionals watching your pet at doggy daycare, you can ensure that your dog maintains their schedule of meals, exercise, and more.

Doggy Daycare Pricing

Full Day $35
1/2 Day $25
Daycare W/ Groom $15
DayCare W/ Boarding $25
10 Days Package $300
20 Day Package $560
* ALL Packages expire after 90 days.

What to Look For in a Doggy Daycare

Before choosing a daycare for your dog, look for:

  • Secure play yards for your pet to enjoy.
  • Polite, enthusiastic staff to tend to your dog.
  • Monitoring throughout the day, so your dog will be safe within the company of other dogs.
  • Facilities for exercise and play.
  • Opportunities for your dog to socialize with other animals.
  • Vaccination and temperament requirements.

We recommend visiting the daycare of your choice before enrolling your dog, so you can have an opportunity to decide if that facility is right for you. Come with a list of questions about the daycare, to ask while you’re visiting. This will help you make the most of your time!

Is Doggy Daycare Right For Your Dog?

If you’re away from your dog on a regular basis, and your dog has a non-aggressive temperament, then your pooch is probably a great candidate for daycare. Be sure to get your dog caught up on all vaccinations before trying to enroll.

Brandon Puppy Palace offers premier doggy daycare services to pet owners in the Brandon, FL area. We provide exceptional care for your pet in a safe and comfortable environment. Contact us today to learn more about our pet services including grooming and dog boarding. Enroll your pet in the doggy daycare that pet owners trust! Book now.