Dog Boarding Pricing

Brandon Puppy Palace is an all-inclusive dog boarding resort in Brandon, FL. All of our guests receive individual handling and get at least 3 outside periods in one of our many play areas. As you can see, the pool is a big hit!! Indoors, cool air and soft music provide comfort and a sense of security, and when your upgrade to one of our 30 suites, a TV and elevated bed remind your dog of home. All of our suites also have web cams, so you can see your pet whenever the mood strikes.

We will do all we can to accommodate special needs.

Please remember that all pets are required
to have current Rabies, Distemper/Parvo combination and Bordetella vaccines.

These records can be faxed to us at 813-381-3743.

Vacation can be the perfect time to sit back, relax, and let your pressure melt away. Unfortunately, most of us don’t get to travel half as often as we’d like – and when we do, we have to think about our furry friends back home! At Brandon Puppy Palace, taking a trip is made easy thanks to affordable and professional dog boarding services. Whether you are a new pet owner or are simply looking for a new boarding resort in Brandon, FL, you’ve come to the right place!

Let’s explore the many benefits for you and your dog that are provided by the top dog boarding Brandon FL has available.

Dog Sitters vs. Dog Boarding: Is There A Difference?

Dog boarding and dog sitting are two very different things, despite the fact that the terms are used interchangeably.

Dog owners often like the idea of dog sitting as it means that their furry friend will get to remain within its comfortable home, providing a sense of calm to the dog. Dog sitting requires someone coming to visit your dog at their home while maintaining their daily routine, providing food and playtime.

Dog boarding, however, is the preferred option for most pet owners. Dog boarding facilities are similar to dog hotels, providing animals with a place to pay and a chance to connect with other dogs. A professional dog boarding facility can provide attention, playtime, healthcare support, and a fully comfortable living experience.

Whether you are leaving town for the weekend or a week, your dog will be comfortable at the Brandon Puppy Palace.

Benefits of Dog Boarding at Brandon Puppy Palace

Dog daycare and boarding centers offer a range of benefits for not just pet owners, but for their furry friends as well. Whether you are heading to work for the day or planning a trip for the week, a professional dog boarding facility will make sure that your companion is properly taken care of with both love and attention.

  • Defeat Separation Anxiety – Dogs are social creatures and time away from their owners can quickly devolve into isolation and anxiety. Avoid separation anxiety for your pets by giving them a safe and fun place to stay while you are away.
  • Mental / Physical Stimulation – The Brandon Puppy Palace is fully stocked with a multitude of play areas to keep your dog both mentally and physically stimulated.
  • Convenient Care – When your dog is hosted by a dog boarding team, you know that help is around the corner for any medical issues.

Boarding Requirements at Brandon Puppy Palace

To enjoy Brandon Puppy Palace as an all-inclusive dog boarding resort for your furry friend, guests are required to have all their pets up to date on Rabies, Distemper/Parvo, and Bordetella Vaccinations.

All records can be faxed directly to the Brandon Puppy Palace team at 813-381-3743.

Dog Boarding Pricing

Boarding Pricing
Small (1-15 lbs) $43
Medium (16-40 lbs) $47
Large (41-64 lbs) $51
X-Large (65+ lbs) $55+
Suite (Upgraded room with bed, TV, and Camera Access) $65
Pool Suite $75
Master Suite $85
Cat Suite $50
Special Services
Meds-Per Day & Per Med $8
X-Night Walks $10
Private Pool/Play Time $20
Pamper My Pet(2x day) $25
Pamper My Pet(4x day) $40
SUITE RATES (per day)
1 Guest $59
2 Guests $108
3 Guests $147
4 Guests $186
KENNEL RUN RATES: (20% off 2nd dog staying in the same run from the same family)
Small $36
Medium $40
Large $44
Suite $59
Cat in Condo $28
A bath is required for any dog that boards 3 or more nights
Daycare while boarding (Available Monday-Saturday) $19 per day
Additional walks $7
Meds $6 per Med, per Day
Private pool time $12
Pamper My Pet – Private Indoor Play
2 – 15min Sessions $15
4 – 15min Sessions $30
All dogs staying 3 days or more will be given a bath before going home at a discounted price.
Monday thru Friday 6:30 a.m. to 7:00 p.m
Saturday 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m
Sunday Closed

About the Puppy Palace of Brandon

Nestled in the heart of Brandon, FL, the Puppy Palace is a one-stop destination for all of your dog boarding needs. To enroll in the Puppy Palace, guests must meet all temperament and vaccination requirements. Dogs at Brandon Puppy Palace enjoy up to eight hours of playtime in splashing pools, waterfalls, tunnels, tubes, and hills.

Let’s look at a few key features that the Puppy Palace can provide your dog with.

  • Just Like Home – An all-inclusive dog boarding resort, pups enjoy an elevated bed with television to remind them of home. All suites have webcams installed for your convenient access at any time, day or night.
  • Outdoor Amenities – Dogs get to play and expend their energy in one of the many play areas, including a large hill and a pool. All of the play areas are secured and equipped with comfortable music and cool air.
  • Extra Services – Upgrade your dog’s stay with Special Services (Pool Time, X-Night Walks) and Pamper My Pet Sessions!

To learn more about Brandon Puppy Palace, call 813-530-0920!